Puerto Banus Hotels

Puerto Banus Hotels

Hotels in Puerto Banus

A little more than 15 hectares that have become the symbol of glamour and luxury, we stroll along the docks, the authentic heart of Puerto Banus, luxury shops and restaurants, yachts and dream cars that make the visit of the thousands of visitors that visit its streets every day a joy.

Puerto Banus it’s the most famous place in Marbella where you can see yachts and expensive cars and you can also see all the famous designer shops Louis Vuitton ,Dolce & Gabbana etc.Some thirty super luxurious Hotels in Puerto Banus and Marbella , expose their luxury to an international clients.
Hotels in Puerto Banus 5 Star  are well established in luxury tourism, but this does not mean that a more modest young tourist lacks hotel options in Puerto Banus and near to Marbella.
If you are preparing your next vacation, getaway or weekend, you have come to the right place.
Now you just have to choose the option that best suits you, your family or your partner. Choose a quiet area of Puerto Banus or stay in the center of Puerto Banus with all its racking or enjoying its historic center. Decide what facilities you want your hotels on puerto banus to have and how many stars you want.

We finish our route safely to leave us many corners to see and that is why Marbella never ceases to amaze us.An inexhaustible and fertile paradise by the sea, in the heart of the Costa del Sol, which has known how to maintain its brilliance throughout centuries of history.Open to the cosmopolitan and ancestral world, a city of contrasts, which lies on the Mediterranean Sea.

Holidays on the Costa del Sol. The famous marina Puerto Banus Hotels, Marbella is also very popular with tourists. Here lie large and small yachts, with the large ones measuring around 70 to 80 metres. The marina in Puerto Banus, with its numerous restaurants and boutiques is always worth a visit. Visitors can enjoy the impressive mountain scenery and sea views while shopping in the most exclusive designer boutiques or in one of the world-class restaurants. Puerto Banus is known for its glamorous and vibrant nightlife. Numerous clubs, bars, piano bars and pubs are located in the immediate vicinity of the harbour. During the day you can visit the beautiful beaches, shop or enjoy lunch in one of the beach restaurants.